Clubpenguin Fire Party

The clubpenguin fire party has been raging for about a whole week! but what is the madness behind this party?

It seems that this whole party revolves around a new ninja journey, that is expected to be coming out when the party is over.

If you have a ninja mask, try walking near one of the black puffles posted in some of the rooms! they instantly light on fire

and if you are a member and have the ninja suit and mask on, when you walk near a fire it goes crazy!

volcanothis is what the volcano looks like

apparently, the new ninja journey has something to do with fire. So maybe we will be able to become fire ninjas! and get like a red ninja mask or something!

cross your fingers that this new ninja journey has stuff for nonmembers



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Karatebird is back!!!

After long months of not being on clubpenguin, and about a year of not being on this site (sorry about that by the way)

I have finaly returned to clubpenguin bacon. I will be coming on this site whenever there is a new cp update (dont be mad if i accidentaly miss it)

In other news, since karatebird05 has one more bann left until its perma bann, im going to be going on my penguin Ninja Static more often than karatebird. I am also going to be going on the server frostbite from now on.

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Coins for Change Returns!!!

there are three new causes this year,

1. for poor kids

2. sick people

3. for kids hurt by war


I am donating for poor people because when they get sick, they cant even go to a hospital. they just die. so it really stinks. Maybe you will donate for the poor too!



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The Ultimate Glitch

The ultimate glitch is in a password protected page for now. The page is right below the header and says The Ultimate Glitch

to get the password for The Ultimate Glitch page you must…..

1. come to as many clubpenguin bacon parties that you can until i can recognize you.

2. answer these questions in the comment box (you can copy and paste the questions in the comments and answer them if you want to)


1. Do you hack?

2. Will you tell everybody you see about this glitch?

3. What is you email address?

4. Do you have a website about clubpenguin? if so, tell me the URL.

5. Will you check clubpenguin bacon regularly for updates?

6. What is your penguin’s name?

7. Do you make bots?

8. if you use this glitch on your website, do you promise to password protect the page on your website that contains this glitch, only give it out under certain cercumstances, and give me credit if you advertize the ultimate glitch on your website?

9. how many days old is your penguin?


About these questions: If I find out that anybody advertizes the ultimate glitch without following the rules on step 8, I will change the password, block you from commenting, and block you from entering any more contests like this.

A little more about the glitch: I wont tell you all about this glitch, but I dont think it will hurt if I tell you some, It gives you a way for some penguins(under the right conditions)to see you do a thing that people used to hack to do. ps: its best if you do this glitch with a friend

How do I find the glitch?: the glitch is in the page above that says The Ultimate Glitch. It is password protected.

THIS GLITCH BETTER BE AWSOME: let me tell you it is. If you are not satisfied with the glitch then that is your problem. I have searched the internet for hours to make sure nobody else found it before I did, and I am almost positive that I discovered it. If you already know this glitch, or it has already been discovered, dont get mad at me because I didnt know. If you have discovered this glitch, please dont be angry, I really thought I discovered it and I am not copying from anybody’s website.


December 16, 2008 at 9:46 pm 2 comments

The Ultimate Clubpenguin Glitch

this glitch is so amazing that I have to password protect the page AND copyright the content. i cant tell you the glitch because i am afraid somebody will copy it. i will eventualy make a way for you to obtain the password but for right now it is currently unavailable to the general public. I am pretty sure this glitch has not yet been discovered but i will give you a hint, you need two penguins to do the glitch. And it works best with a friend.

not only will this page contain a glitch that will blow your mind away, it also contains some secret and iteresting content.

ps: check the ultimate glitch page

ps: im not talking about the multi loggin glitch.

and in other news, karatebird05 is unbanned!


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very bad news =[

i have horrible news. my penguin karatebird05 was just banned today. he was banned for 24 hours because i told ppl to search clubpenguin bacon.


~Ninja Static

December 10, 2008 at 12:41 am 2 comments



ps: this is a rare occasion that i click penguins and show their player cards. If you find me on clubpenguin, you have the chance to be clicked and put on clubpenguin bacon! or if you attend my scedualed parties!

i will most always take a picture of a fan club like this, but i dont usualy click! ps: only some penguins get clicked!


cp-bacon-fanslucky penguins that got clicked!bacon-fans2the fan club!




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